Looking Forward in 2019...

Happy New Year from all of us at In Balance Green Consulting! We’ve had a little time off over the holidays and are back at work, energized and optimistic about the new year. In case you are feeling unsure about that optimism, here are five things we’re looking forward to for 2019:

Rooftop solar.JPG

1.     Zero Net Energy Homes! Title 24 2019, which officially comes online Jan. 1, 2020 includes Zero Net Energy for new homes. The requirements for onsite renewable energy won’t cover all energy use, but it’s a major milestone in sustainable living. ZNE for non-residential is on target for 2030.

2.     Local Climate Action! Engaged citizens, empowered city and county staff, and motivated elected officials are coming together to address climate action. To name a few: City of San Luis Obispo has set a goal of Carbon Neutral by 2035; SLO and Morro Bay joined Monterey Bay Community Power and will have carbon-free electricity starting in 2020; and the Sustainable Future resource is launching in Santa Barbara.

3.     LEED Upgrades! Never an organization to rest on their laurels, the US Green Building Council is rolling out an update across all programs – LEED v4.1. And it’s better, addressing documentation issues, bridging market demand and recognizing new opportunities around the globe. They also added ZNE certification and a re-certification program for older LEED projects.

4.     Healthy Interiors! Daylight, non-toxic materials, biophilic design, individual comfort, acoustics and more are all receiving the attention they deserve in our built environments. WELL and other programs merge building design, operations and behaviors for improved health and wellness.

Arch 2030 Bldg emissions down 20%.png

5.     Lower Carbon Emissions! As reported by our friends at Architecture 2030, U.S. building sector CO2 emissions are 20.2% below 2005 levels. And that’s despite adding approximately 30 billion square feet to our building stock during the last 12 years! Now we’re picking up the pace from high-performance buildings to Zero Net Energy buildings to all-electric Zero Net Carbon buildings.

Add to that list fabulous colleagues, clients and collaborators, our beautiful central coast, superb local food and wine and the joy of friends and family – no wonder we are feeling hopeful this New Year.

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