Hone Your 2019 California Energy Code Knowledge

The Tri-County Regional Energy Network (3C-REN) will be hosting a public forum on Thursday, August 22, that will address significant changes in the upcoming 2019 Title 24, Part 6 Energy Code and the rationale behind them.

The forum includes guest speaker Brian Selby of Selby Energy, Inc. as well as a panel of professionals from our local government, design, and construction sectors.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 9.38.05 AM.png

The discussion will highlight recent trends and pathways for building electrification and provide attendees an opportunity to learn how various industry groups and leaders are preparing for the changes ahead.   

When: Thursday, August 22, 12:30-4:30pm

Where: San Luis Obispo County/City Library, 995 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo

Lunch is provided.

To register, please visit:   https://energycodeforum.eventbrite.com

This event is part of an innovative day of programming organized in collaboration with the City of San Luis Obispo and the SLO Climate Coalition. It will be followed directly by a separate panel discussion on de-carbonizing buildings and construction, to be held in the same room. There will also be an electrification “Tech Expo” at the SLO Farmer’s Market that evening.

To learn more about building decarbonization and building technologies or for more information, visit https://carbonfreeslo.org.